Monday, September 08, 2008

The Chrome and the CPU

Well, yeah yeah, everybody's already said a lot of stuff about Google Chrome holding up CPU like a Goblin holding onto the last galleon in the world, but I'll write a few things anyway. I'll also keep updating which features were found to be bigger CPU hogs (courtesy Windows and Chrome Task Managers).
  1. I found Chrome taking up 98% of CPU one day. I found that it was sending out a truck-load of requests to fetch the phishing and malware blacklists. I turned off the feature and the CPU was freed!! Hurray. (You can do this by unchecking 'Enable phishing and...' in Options -> Under the Hood -> Security)
  2. For good measure, I turned off the suggestion service as well. (Right click on the omnibar, click 'Edit Search Engines...' and uncheck 'Use a suggestion service..')
  3. It was just today that I found that Chrome was taking up 80% of the CPU once again. Thanks to the Chrome Task Manager, I found that the culprit this time was the Flash Player, rendering the Dilbert of the Day Widget in iGoogle (-snigger-). Well, since I couldn't kill the Flash without rendering the widget useless, I just killed Chrome instead and opened everything in Firefox.
By the way, my default browser is Firefox 3 once again :-). Just thought I'd mention it.

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RP said...

Well, I also try Chrome to see movies from youtube site.My 'Poor home PC' is having 256MB of RAM. After having of 5 minutes of entertainment from youtube, my PC went into infinite loop. I could break that loop only after clicking on 'Power Off' button of my UPS.
No other heavy service was running than Chrome.

I tried same thing again with Firefox 2 / IE 6 and I was able to play AOE along with enjoyment from youtube.