Monday, August 04, 2008

A Big Dog Named Robot

Or is it a robot named BigDog? I'm confused. Heck, anyone would be.

See for yourself - here is the link to the homepage of a Boston Dynamics robotics project called BigDog funded by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). There is a Flash video on this page that shows BigDog toiling hard when mere humans try to unsettle him, make him jump and walk over boulders, etc.

From the site -"BigDog is being developed by Boston Dynamics with the goal of creating robots that have rough-terrain mobility that can take them anywhere on Earth that people and animals can go". And boy, is it ready to go all those places!

It's balance is remarkable, even in the face of obstacles and external forces. It's jumping capability (yes, it can jump on all fours) is amazing. What's more, it actually works on a gasoline engine. So, no strings attached. Even with a sure chance of sounding cliched, you have simply got to see it to believe it. Take a look.

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