Monday, July 09, 2007

The New & Improved Mobile Web Server

A quick update on my earlier post, "A Website in My Pocket".

The brilliant guys at Nokia have gone a step ahead. Now, they've even created a complete Web application to be run off the Web Server for Series 60 mobiles they had developed some time back. Although the Web application on the newer Web server runs only on select mobile models, the amount of control given through the Web application is amazing.

They have provided a Web based User Interface to all of the important data and actions in a mobile phone. With the Web server turned on, anyone visiting this Web site running on your mobile phone, can browse through contacts, messages & the gallery, taking a look at all of the data. Amazing way to share information, isn't it?

Further, you can write blog entries & publish the blog right from your pocket, as it is also one of the features provided by the application. People visiting your site can write comments on your blog entries, they can send you IMs, which get flashed on your phone's screen or can simply leave you messages in your Inbox.

The new improvement that the Web server now even works over Wireless LANs means no need for an expensive data-plan in some situations.

As I had noted in my earlier post, this is beginning to open up a lot of possibilities. What's changed, is that you can do it in a much easier way.

We'll just have to wait & see how fast Wireless data rates go down & how long battery lives become.

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The Yearling said...

This creates a couple of doubts in my mind:

1. Is web-site accessible over blue-tooth? Something like: Search for who all are running a web-server locally? That would be real fun!

2. Is there a web-server on windows-mobile platform? ( Or on i-phone? :-) ) It has less restrictions on memory and so on...