Friday, November 03, 2006

And Herrrre's GMail for Mobile!!

Google has, at long last, launched a Java application, which is basically a client for GMail. Unfortunately, there's no name. Let's call it the Client.

The Client can be downloaded by going to The server automatically detects your phone model & the resulting page has a link to the version right for your phone. You just click on this link and the installation begins soon. It is light (112 kB) & installs pretty quickly. Then you just go to the menu and start the Client.

True to Google's reputation in User Interfaces, the Client has a beautifully slick UI, with pleasant colours and smoothed-out widgets. Further, it mimics the GMail UI closely. You can see all the conversations as conversations, which can be expanded (wow!). Mail search is just a click away. Hotkeys all along. You can even tweak your GMail settings from here, which is a big boon (remember, the mobile site for GMail won't let you do it). They say you can also see attachments such as pictures, documents & PDFs, but I haven't tried that out.

The best feature of the Client is the speed. The Client is fast. Period. Complete and real relief from having to go through a good number of web pages just to see a few mails. People used to going to the GMail website from the phone (like me) will clearly notice the difference.

A small problem though - it doesn't let you save the username & password settings. So, you have to type it everytime. This is pretty painful on a cellphone. But I guess that's just it.

So, I would recommend everyone to just go ahead & enjoy.

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