Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Two Useful Tools for Series 60

Here are two very useful tools when it comes to Symbian Series 60 smartphones, both by the same author Petteri Muilu:

  1. AutoLock is an automatic keypad locking application, a feature conspicuously lacking from Series 60 phones. Works nicely with Nokia 6630. You can set the delay for which it should wait from a small front-end. Delay can be set in minutes:seconds. Although, I have wondered many times who would want that sort of granularity. A very handy tool, nevertheless.
    • One drawback, though. Because keypad lock is a feature intended to be used in very simple phones, which are not multi-tasking, the keypad gets locked on any screen in any application. Sometimes annoying if you expect the screen not to change for about 15 seconds (like when browsing the web over GPRS).
  2. S60Zip is a Zip archive manager. It can open/uncompress archives, compress files into PKZip compatible archives. It can also manage archives from messages & send archives via Bluetooth/e-mail. A very cool tool if you're using your smartphone at even half its power. Has a very familiar Archive manager UI, which adds to the usability. Oh, and yes, it's available in five languages (English, Finnish, French, Russian & Italian).
Personally, I feel tools like this score much more over elaborate software products which do little more than give you a kick of using something hi-tech. These two, along with previous tools listed on this blog such as MGTalk and Raccoon are standing testimony.

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